When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it can be one of the most challenging times in their life. It’s typical to experience a range of emotions, including shock, worry, anger, fear, and sadness, which can be overwhelming to process.

Here at Gama Insurance Agencies, we are committed to providing peace and protection to members of our community who need it most. We want to assist those coping with cancer and make the process more manageable for the diagnosed individual and the people in their lives who are affected. This is why we are thrilled to announce our continued partnership with the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, where we will spend the next three months advocating for those individuals in their fight against cancer.

The Children’s Hospital of New Orleans is a nonprofit pediatric hospital that provides comprehensive healthcare services to children in the region. Parenting Centers, Primary Care services, and Behavioral Health programs are just a few of the services that The Children’sHospital of New Orleans offers to cancer patients and their families throughout the year.

We want to make life easier for kids struggling with terminal illnesses like cancer, but we need your help.

Here’s how YOU can contribute. On your behalf, we’ll provide $15 to the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans for each referral you make to us for a quote. Thanks to you, families all over our neighborhood might experience a great deal of relief soon!

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